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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Twenty minutes a day...

So a friend of mine, who's unquestionably in better shape than I am, has been espousing the idea that ones overall fitness can be improved with a relatively minor outlay of effort. Just do some sort of physical activity, for a minimum of twenty minutes, every single day. The every single day part is where I usually get tripped up. Despite having very few excuses (I've got an elliptical trainer in the basement), events seem to conspire against me. It's difficult to make the time on busy days when you go straight from work to meetings, to hanging out with friends, to dinner, to drinks, and when you get home, your wife just wants to stumble to bed, not wait up for you to go workout. But all the same, staying healthy seems like a pretty good idea, so rather than let myself wallow in my own crapulence, I've been trying to follow this little regimen. So far, I've gone about ten days. Not too shabby. Of course, my friend's got me beat by a ways. Check out his post on it here.

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