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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, my morning's about half over, which means that all of my requisite email reading and web site checking is done. As part of that ritual, I've checked all of my favorite webcomics, so the world is at peace for one more day. Here's a quick rundown of comics you should be reading if you aren't already. Penny Arcade is crude, short, and to the point. It also makes me assume that the authors are either stalking me or are my long lost kin. Nothing else could explain how we seem to share the same sense of what's funny. Megatokyo details the life and adventures of two gamers who find themselves stuck in a futuristic Japan. I suppose even normal, every day Japan has a reputation for being futuristic, but suffice to say, this Japan is futuristic++. More on the soap opera side than the funny side, as are these next two. Dominic Deegan is a fantasy themed comic, dealing with the adventures of Dominic the oracle, and the inevitable trouble that being prescient brings. Finally, Questionable Content deals with a bunch of twentysomethings and their interpersonal relationships. That description really doesn't do it justice. Read it, if for no other reason than the change in the art from the early comics to the present is just so damn impressive.

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