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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bored with gaming. Could it be?

So lately, since the last few months of '06, I've had what I'd call the best of all gaming worlds. Janie started playing Warcraft with me. Now this was a huge deal. Back in the day, Janie played Everquest with me, and the trauma of that led to my leaving the world of MMO's, presumably forever. As with many addicts, I couldn't stay away, and I eventually fell down the rabbit hole again, first into Star Wars Galaxies, and then, after about the third complete revamp of that game, into World of Warcraft. Janie and I still went back and forth of course, as I always wanted more game time, and Janie always wanted more Scotty time. Eventually though, as more and more of our friends began to play, she gave in, and decided to give it a try. Although the newbie area bugged her (note to WoW devs, many folks don't like having to kill kittens, overpopulation or no), she got into it a little, and I started a character to play with her, and things were good. Fast forward a few months. Today, Janie's holy priest and my feral druid are level 50, running Blackrock Depths at least once a week with our friends, trying to get to Outland. And we're having a great time. But when I get game time without Janie, a strange malaise takes over. I've got my main, a level 65 arms warrior, and I just don't have much interest in getting him to 70. I've got an army of alts, and I'll play one, get them leveled, but it's just not much fun. It's gotten to the point that I think I'm going to take a break from things for a while. Not from gaming as a whole, but from World of Warcraft solo, at least. Maybe replay some of my all time favorite space combat games, Tie Fighter and Freespace 2. My friend Batty is always telling me about some adventure games, which I never get around to. Heck, I've only finished the first two dungeons of Zelda on the Wii. Maybe I'll take some time out from WoW to play some of these. I'll still play Warcraft with Janie, of course, but no more playing WoW just because I've got nothing better to do.

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