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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ebay rant

I like my nintendo DS a lot. It hasn't gotten a lot of play time of late, primarily because I've finished the games I have for it. And given the upcoming travel time, a good game with some decent shelf life seemed a pretty good investment. So I found this little gem, which promised to keep me hopelessly poking away at the touchscreen for the long hours of travel. Unfortunately, as with many interesting DS carts, if it's not named Pokemon or wasn't released by Nintendo, it can be kind of hard to find down at the local Game Stop. I shopped around for it online, but eventually turned to ebay as an easy way to track it down. Track it down I did, and after checking the seller's feedback rating (over 98%, nice!), I placed my order. Ebay's paypal integration couldn't be simpler, since they own em, and within seconds of choosing the buy it now option, I had made my payment, given the seller my shipping details, and gotten on with my life, waiting with gleeful anticipation the arrival of my new game.

That was 21 days ago. The emails I've sent to the seller have fallen on deaf ears. I've received no word on shipping info. No information whatsoever as to what the status of this purchase is. I would have had better luck just ordering the game from almost any other source. I've gone back and reviewed the feedback the seller has. For the most part, it's fine, but every so often you find a similar case. Complaints of no communication. Complaints of extremely slow shipping. And lord help you if you decide to take the route of leaving poor feedback for the seller. He appears to be vindictive. Even in cases where he acknowledges that there were problems on their end, if you leave negative feedback, expect to receive it in return. And unlike the seller, I don't have ten thousand transactions at my back. A negative feedback for me would put my percentage around, oh, well, 93%, which isn't all that bad, but still. Since ebay's feedback system is obviously skewed in favor of those that manage massive numbers of transactions, I'll call out yellowoasis here, on the least read blog on the planet! Take that, you fiend! Send me my game! If, by chance, I actually ever receive anything from this tool, I'll let you know, but at this point, I'm thinking I'm going to just buy another copy from someone less shady and more willing to actually talk to their customers.

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