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Monday, April 30, 2007

We're here!

Hey folks. Sorry that I haven't posted much, it's surprisngly difficult to post using Blogger's interface when everything is in Japanese. We landed safely Sunday, breezed through immigration (despite not having an address for where we'd be staying, again!), and met up with Batty and Sonoko within seconds of stepping out from the customs line. They guided our jet lagged souls through the maze of trains and to their house, which absolutely kicks ass. Sliding screens as a way to either partition or open up space is a really neat idea that I'd never really appreciated before.

Anywho, the next day we got up and went to Yokohama, Sonoko's old college stomping grounds. I'll try to upload those pictures to flickr later this morning. Lots of shopping, lots of amusement park, and lots of Chinatown. We finished the day at an incredible Chinese restaurant (super tasty dim sum for the win, and I don't care it's usually breakfast food), then caught the train back home and sat around drinking homemade grapefruit chu-hi until we all crashed.

The plan for today is to stay a bit more local. We're going to drive around town in Batty and Sonoko's cute little Daihatsu, run a bunch of errands, and send off a few postcards we picked up in Chinatown. Which reminds me, if you want a post card, send me your address! AB and Celeste, I'm thinking of you guys! I'll send you an email to remind you, if we don't get it mailed off, we'll try to bring you one back in any case. Oh, and we're going to get Celeste's canned chu-hi today too!

Tomorrow is Shinjuku and Harajuku, with dinner with Sonoko's sister Mika, whom we haven't seen since they got married. And then the next day is Akihabara! I cannot wait!

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