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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Upcoming travels

Tonight, Janie and I will be getting her bags packed for her trip to Boston next week. She's gotten into a really neat leadership training program, where she's spending four weeks in various cities throughout the year. Next week is Boston, she's already been to San Francisco, and towards the end of the summer, she'll be in DC. I'll probably go on that little trip as well, to see the graduation ceremony they'll have for J and just to play in DC for a weekend. But in addition to getting ready for Boston, we'll also be packing a second bag for Janie. We're off to see our friends Batty and Sonoko in Tokyo, and we're leaving the day after J gets back from her first trip! So she'll land from the flight from Boston, we'll crash at an airport hotel, after repacking everything for the next trip, and then be back at the airport way too early to start the never fun trip across the Pacific. At 6'3", I've never had any luck sleeping on planes, so I plan on simply carrying enough toys to keep me as entertained as possible. There's the frankenpod, my nintendo DS, my cell phone, which makes for a pretty good movie player. I'll probably also pick up The Children of Hurin, a work put together by Christopher Tolkein, the great J.R.R.'s son, based on his father's notes. Anything to distract me from the misery of coach class. Anywho, I'll have a fresh set of pictures posted when we get back.

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