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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Learning Japanese

So, in what is no doubt one of the dorkiest pursuits I could possibly pick as a hobby, since returning from Japan I have a desire to learn some Japanese. I took French in high school and in college, with dismal results. The difference here is that I actually have friends in Japan who I'd like to talk to (we'll ignore the fact that they both speak English for the moment), and Japan has a bunch more games and cartoons that I'd like to play/watch than France. So I've begun trolling the net looking for resources to help me out. Most of them are fairly silly, but there are a few that I think might help. I now have a Japanese word processor on my Pocket PC phone, complete with Japanese/English dictionary. And in various flash card games online, I've managed to recognize the hiragana for i twice! Woo! Progress. We'll see how much progress I make. I've been bugging Batty with questions about the language way too much, and Celeste has flat out told me that if I try to discuss Japanese grammar with her one more time, we're no longer friends. I'll start with just trying to learn the hiragana and katakana and go from there, I suppose.

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