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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Got my new iPod nano...

...and promptly gave it to Janie as a birthday present. I'd been feeling kinda bad about Janie no longer having an iPod, especially since I'd gone all Jawa on hers and scavenged it for parts. Of course, hers had a bum hard drive, so I was just rescuing it's battery and bits to keep mine working, but still. So Janie's got a new nano, which I hope she enjoys very much. I may look into the 30 gigabyte fifth gen iPod. I don't really think I'll ever use the video functionality, but having the extra storage for future music purchases seems like a good idea. I've no doubt that if I actually tracked how often I listen to certain songs, I could stop carrying about half of my library with me. But I prefer to just be lazy.

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