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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ah, the joys of owning a home...

So this storm passed through tonight. As my gaming system is in the lowest part of my basement, and that's where I spent most of the storm, I thought things were fine. Come to find out however, a lot of water has seeped through the southern wall. The gutters and drain pipes, instead of pushing the water out away from the foundations, are actually sunk right into the ground along the southern side of the house. This does not seem like a good design to me. As long as it keeps raining, more water is getting poured right by my foundations. Anyone have any advice?

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Unknown said...

You need a new house, d00d.

Actually, you've probably already fixed this, but you ought to just go down to Home Depot and get those concrete gutter things that push the water away.

Or you could extend the gutter piping out into the lawn, but I think the concrete looks nicer.

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