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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It is done...

So, after much hemming and hawing, I ordered an xbox 360 last night. I tend to be first and foremost a PC guy, but I believe there's room for consoles. I already own a Wii, which I enjoy quite a bit, but after seeing HD graphics, I was awfully tempted to add a 360 to the line up. The PS3 was ruled out on price alone, although it's slowly developing into an actually interesting console.

What finally sold me on the 360, besides my friend Batty's nagging, was the $50 price drop on the premium model, and the addition of HDMI output. Amazon was even nice enough to list the 360 premium's in two entry's showing which came with HDMI and which did not. Right before I placed the order, I noticed an accessory I hadn't seen before. A USB wifi adapter. For $90. Now I had assumed (yes, bad idea) that the 360 included wifi. I just couldn't comprehend why that wasn't included. And why on earth it would cost $90 for an adapter that didn't even support WPA. So I ordered a Linksys bridge instead. I just hope it works, the HDTV in my house is a long way from my wifi router.

I'm going to hold off buying any games for it until it shows up. And I'm going to try to buy used when I can. New 360 games tend to sell for $60, and I'm having a hard time justifying that. Looking forward to Bioshock though!

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