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Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a quick update...

The 360 should arrive today. I'm really looking forward to it (especially in light of the incredible reviews Bioshock has been getting), but even once it arrives, I likely won't unbox it until Sunday or later. J's got plans for us in Colorado Springs tonight, and my nephew Tade is having his first birthday party tomorrow, so it's shaping up to be busy as always.

As for the RAM, I ran with the new stuff in a dual channel set up, but kept getting crashes when the system tried to read an address and couldn't talk to it. So it's out, and will be going back to Newegg soon. The old stuff is back in, and working fine. I had to run some group quests in the Barrow Downs in LOTRO last night, to 'test' it out. I think this should do nicely.

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