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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

*kicks self*

So I logged into my bank account, and noticed that a deposit had been made into my savings account. For $20,000. After a few hurried phone calls to Janie, we determined that neither of us had any businesses on the side pulling in that kind of scratch, and that somebody somewhere had made a mistake. So I jogged down to the bank, explained the situation, and the teller started sorting through the day's deposit slips. Turns out, someone had come in to make a $20,000 deposit today, only their account was one digit off from ours. Once again, life proves to differ from Monopoly. There are indeed bank errors in one's favor, but you don't get to keep the $20,000.


Unknown said...

You know, if no one rewards honesty, people are less likely to be honest. Course, they probably would have caught the error, ultimately.

Batty said...

The reward for honesty is not living in a shitty, horrible society. Granted, most people aren't bright enough to understand that.

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