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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Missing Janie

Janie's on one of her training trips this week, leaving me to my own devices. This usually means I'm up at all hours playing games, taking breaks to go to work. At one point, I played so much because I enjoyed it. Now, I play because I can't sleep when J's gone, and I need the distraction from missing her. With Celeste's permission, I now present an IM discussion we had this morning on this subject.

Cecelia: You doing okay with Janie being gone?
Solar: Eh. I get all sad and mopey.
Solar: There was a time in Janie and I's relationship where I reveled in her trips. I could be a huge slob and play all the games that I want! But lately, I just miss her when she's gone.
Solar: Games, fun as they are, are a woefully poor substitute.
Solar: I prefer playing Janie.
Cecelia: umm
Cecelia: TMI!
Solar: :)
Solar: She has all these great buttons.
Cecelia: dude
Cecelia: Unfortunately she doesn't support multiplayer
Solar: lol

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