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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stories like this make my skin crawl


I remember a time when I was proud to be American. I wish that were still the case.


Unknown said...

Ugh. How horrible. I mean, talk about an assumption of guilt. Everything that makes us civilized is just being tossed RIGHT out.

Batty said...

I'm tired of being accused of hyperbole when I compare the current US to the beginnings of Nazi Germany. Sick and tired.

These are government employees paid to do horrific things to everyday people. They are willing to do it. They are willing to cash their paychecks. They feel entitled to the power they wield, and threaten those who question it with increased indignity and cruelty.

They are the enemy of freedom. They are not normal people, and we cannot keep pretending they are, just because they have names like John and Mary. These people are vile, treacherous beasts, only surpassed in insidious evil by those who give them their orders.

They are the true enemies of the United States of America.

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