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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Xbox 360 annoyances so far...

1. Lack of built in wifi. I mean, come on. My fix, a bridge, which will allow me to connect to my WPA wifi network. And it costs about the same as the official wifi adapter, which doesn't support WPA.

2. Lack of media streaming unless you have a windows media center edition OS. My fix, an open source app which may do the trick. Of course, I won't know until I get the hardware in hand, which is still two weeks out. More annoyances as they come up.

UPDATE: Looks like I may have spoken too soon when it came to the media problems. I've read that this guide will help set up a pretty reliable configuration, and that it works under XP Pro. Now I'm just champing at the bit to try it out. No more watching downloaded TV on a laptop!

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