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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

360 developments

So last night, I got to try the 360's voice chat feature for the first time (other than with a few morlocks on xbox live). My friend Batty signed on, and requested a chat, and after we figured out that he was muted, had a fun chat, wherein I convinced him that he needed to buy UNO. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to actually play a game with him, so he got started on Bioshock, and judging by his achievements, made good progress for one day of playing! Looking forward to playing some GRAW2 with you, Batty.


Unknown said...

Coolio. That sounds like fun. I doubt I will ever own an xbox...I just don't game enough. But I think Bex and I are going to get a Wii. I'm looking forward to bringing our Wii-Motes to other people's houses.

Anonymous said...

You don't game enough for an Xbox but you do for a wii?

That sounds like fuzzy logic to ME!

I look forward to joining the 360 inner circle sometime this fall. :)

Scott Ledet said...

Join us.....

Have you read my blog?