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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's been a busy few days...

So Aaron and Sonoko have been staying with us for nearly a week. They head back to Japan on Friday, something I'm really not looking forward to. I've got few enough close friends these days, and those two definitely count towards that total. While they've been here, we've gone out to eat innumerable times, had martini's at our favorite martini place, mixed up some lychee martini's of our own, played enough Wii sports that my arms are aching today, and gone hiking/picnicking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Through a good part of that time, I've been fighting one heck of a cold too, which hasn't quite given up on me. In any case, thanks for coming to see us, Batty and Sonoko! We'll miss you guys tons when you go home! At least now that I have a 360, Aaron and I can schedule some game time every so often.

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