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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bioshock progress

My poor little splicer continues to apply gene tonics like it was going out of style. Some of these are super useful, like the ability to simply vanish if I stand still for a second. I'm still trying to escape from the Fort Frolic area. I've rescued every little sister I've encountered so far, earning gifts every so often from their creator. Right now, I'm playing splicer hit man, working for Sander Cohen, a mad artist whom I'm sure will turn on me soon. Indeed, he already has, thinking I didn't like his master-work, but as I remain useful to him, I'm left to continue doing his dirty work for him. With luck, I'll get out of here soon, and continue my search for Andrew Ryan, Atlas, and the truth behind Rapture.


Unknown said...

Fort Frolic has been my favorite part so far.

That "vanish" thing is useful? I didn't load it up. I carry Icinerator, Electroshock, Enrage, and that insect one for the plasmids.

I carry a bunch of hacking engineering ones.

I carry the armor combat one, and the one that shoots electricity if you get hit in melee, and the one that makes me stronger against fire and my fire stronger for combat.

For physical, I have the Eve Link, the one that makes medpacks give more, and Hacker's Delight.

All of these are up to v2 or v3 if those are available.

Are you doing much research?

Scott Ledet said...

Aaron, see the email that I sent you, but yeah, I find the vanishing ability to be dead useful. Set off a security alarm? Just freeze and vanish. Let the timer time out, and continue on your way unharmed and undetected. Did some crazy nut just sent a horde of splicers after you? Vanish, let them come to you, and apply some wrench based justice as they walk past.

Have you read my blog?