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Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday AB!

So, per an earlier post, I had been planning spending Saturday in AB's company, playing through Halo. In point of fact, this was a deception, an artful ruse, in order to get AB to my house in preparation for his surprise birthday party.

It failed miserably.

Despite emails between his brother Thomas and I, and despite having though AB had agreed to meet at my house, they instead got back into town both an hour ahead of our scheduled start, but ended up in the wrong part of town too. I had to drive across town to meet AB at Jax, all the while lamenting the fact that I would be forced to alter my carefully practiced story in order to get things back on track. Now, James Bond, I'm not. I couldn't fib my way out of anything, and so it was with little surprise that I heard AB murmur "This is getting crazier and crazier" as we left Jax, with the intention of meeting Jer somewhere on campus to pick up his bike...

In any case, we threw AB a surprise 30th birthday party on Saturday (it should have been a bit of a surprise, as his birthday is in December). The idea was for a geocaching outing, revisitng places around town that AB is fond of/lived in/may have visited once. It mostly went well, although one set of coordinates did have us visiting a field full of cattle in a part of Fort Collins none of us had ever seen before. The event culminated in a party at AB's house, and the gifting of an Xbox 360.

So once again, happy birthday man. I've been trying to thank all of my friends for the 30th birthday present they got me, and I'm sure I'm coming up short every time.

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Aaron Propst said...

Thanks baby, it was great!

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