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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's possible I suck at Halo 3

Ok, so I fared all right in my one multi player experience, but that was with a group of friends playing four way split screen, none of whom had all that much experience with teh h4l0z. But so far, the single player has shown me that I've no reason to be cocky. I'm only playing on normal difficulty, and I'm not dieing all that often, but that's more due to a slower, more methodical method of play than I'm used to. Bioshock had me thinking that I was a wrench wielding dreadnought. Halo is teaching me that Brute's are not fun in groups, that once your shields are down, get to cover, and once your opponents shields are down, finish them off quickly. Grenades are actually an effective way of dealing with crowds of enemies. The default rifle, plus the battle rifle, if used well, are extremely effective weapons. The shotgun and energy sword are your friends in tight quarters.

My major issue so far, is that I really wish I had played through Halo one and two at this point. Almost to the point that I've considered picking them up and playing through the single player on the 360. Almost. I've a feeling I'll be feeling better about things by the time I've finished the journey through Halo 3.

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Anonymous said...

I played through the first one and most of the second. The whole shield thing just takes some getting used to. I think you're being harder on yourself than you need to be, Catholic Guilt Boy (CGB).

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