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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The worst job in the world...

Ok, so it's probably not that bad, in the big scheme of things. At my workplace, there are coffee stations, where one can get a cup of joe, or in my case, some green tea when pick me up's are in order. As they often are. Under these coffee stations, there are cabinets full of coffee related supplies, and one cabinet of foul darkness. For this cabinet contains tubs, wherein harried employees, too busy to walk all the way to the cafeteria to return their used meal trays, can stash the remains of their meals, allowing them to return to work that much sooner.

These cabinets smell strongly of old Italian dressing when opened. The smell makes me hold my breath any time I'm forced to go near them. And there is someone who has the unfortunate job of driving a small cart from coffee station to coffee station, collecting these tubs of filth to be returned to the washing station at the cafeteria. Each and every coffee station on this fairly massive campus has a dish cabinet, and all of them smell of Italian dressing. Truly, those tasked with collecting the refuse of others have both my respect and my thanks.

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