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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So how did the funk removal go?

  1. I got to have lunch with J, which was goofy as we had trouble finding a place at work to sit down and eat, but she took me out for ice cream after. A
  2. I still have more work do to on breaking down my task list, but I've been more productive in the last two days than all of last week thanks to the work I've done on it so far. B
  3. Physical therapy went really, really badly. I need to force myself to do stretches every day, in the hopes that my knees respond, but man, last night was the worst session yet. F
  4. With everything else I had going on last night (therapy, making dinner, paying bills, gaming), I dropped the ball on making Brose his DVD. F
  5. Halo 3. Absolutely fantastic. We played through a good chunk of the campaign, only a few chapters left to go. I finally had to call it quits when it started getting late, and the batteries ran out on my headset. A

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