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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two more reasons I love Janie...

In a jabber conference room with some friends, one of the important topics we recently discussed was which GI Joe character we each resembled. Although suggestions made for my character were not complimentary, Janie was compared with the Baroness.

Hot. I always had a crush on the Baroness, despite her working for Cobra. I always thought she was just a little misunderstood, that I could...change her, convince her to come back to the good guys. Whole adolescent fantasy scenarios revolved around this. So, I love J because she looks a bit like the Baroness. Now to get her a black leather bodysuit. And some guns.

The second reason I've been loving my Janie recently shouldn't be a surprise, but it surprised me anyway. Janie likes Guitar Hero. When we watched the recent South Park episode mocking the game, J said 'that looks kinda fun'. I heard, 'omg, please go buy that rite now, kthxbi'. So I did, and Janie's been playing it, and I have to say, I want a second controller, because when Janie's rocking out, I want to be in her band. Janie grew up on Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Kiss, and getting to play at least some songs from the latter two, even in toy guitar form, has been a blast for her.

I love you J!

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J said...

I love you too dearest. You rock!

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