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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Or not...

We never got to Mana Tombs. Janie started coming down with something on Tuesday, and by last night it was in full swing, so she took the night off from WoW. I brought out Solarvvind, my level 69 arms warrior I never play, and used him to help my friend Silvernail in game. Solar was my first character in WoW. I played to level 60 as a protection warrior, and only changed to arms right before the Burning Crusade came out, in order to make the grind to 70 a little easier.

Last night I discovered that one of my favorite talent skills in the arms tree, sweeping strikes, had been moved to the fury tree, and arms warriors had gotten a short duration damage buff in exchange. I'm pretty bummed about that. Not that I should really care, I play Solar so rarely. But man, it made me want to switch back to my druid, who at least has swipe to keep several folks looking in his direction at once.

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