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Monday, February 25, 2008

A mostly good weekend

Drove down to Denver Friday, and stayed at Janie's sister's place. Got up way too early the next morning, and began the drive to Monarch Mountain, Janie, Rose, Rose's boyfriend John, and myself. Got there around ten, got through the annoying rental process, and hit the slopes. Ugh, I can't believe I just typed that. Anywho, the skiing was good, I managed four runs or so before I felt too tired/sore to be safe out there anymore, so I claimed a table at the lodge and guarded it zealously from any who dared question my table territory.

When everyone else finished, we drove into Salida, found our hotel, and soaked in one of the hot tubs, until the arrival of a very large family bearing booze chased us from the premises. After a bit of a nap, we ended up at Amicas, a microbrewery and pub. The beer was quite tasty, as was the food.

The following day, we drove back towards Denver, stopping at a hot springs on the way. I find myself mixed on hot springs. I do enjoy sitting in the warm water, especially when the scenery is nice, and doing so while it's snowing is the best. But this remains enjoyable for a finite time, after which I'm done with the activity. I think I also prefer the heated tubs and swimming pools to the rock and dirt lined shallow pools lining the river side, where freezing river water and super heated spring water mix.

Anyway, very good trip, until we got on the road home. At which point a pinched nerve had me absolutely miserable. The pain rarely lasted more than thirty seconds at a time, but it was so intense that I slept very poorly on Sunday night, worrying it would come back. And it did. It's happened about five or six times so far total. Rose, who's in medical school, suggested it was sciatica, and the wiki entry certainly seems to support this. I've got a doctor's appointment Thursday, just hope the pain is infrequent between now and then.

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Batty said...

Poor Sonoko has that fairly frequently. She has to hold her lower back when she sneezes, and if she has a misstep and lands a little funny (not even hard, just funny), it flares up. Sometimes her whole left side, from buttocks down her leg is simultaneously numb and painful. It looks awful, and there really isn't anything that can be done about it. =(

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