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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My latest time sink

My friends and I talk about games a lot. We're a little obsessive about it. And being the level headed folks we are, we've decided to alleviate some of our guilt over this by sharing it with the rest of you. Introducing, a little gaming blog, by gamers. All the writers are real people, with plenty of things going on in our lives besides our favorite hobby, so we aren't going to be rushing to get games reviewed by release day, or to post the latest news we can find. There's plenty of other places on the web that can do that better than us. We will talk about things we find interesting in the gaming world, games we like, or didn't like. I'd like to think that, as most gamers out there live full lives in addition to enjoying games, ours is a perspective that will be shared by many.

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