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Monday, March 31, 2008

Best weekend ever

Friday: Ordered pizza. Friends came over to watch a movie, followed by the last South Park. Good times were had.

Saturday: My sister and her family came over, and my nieces played much Rock Band, Skee Ball, and Mortal Kombat. I just followed them around, keeping the various pieces of gaming hardware functioning. After they got back on the road, we met up with friends again, this time to go bowling. Much beer was consumed, along with the largest pile of nachos I have ever seen.

Sunday: Got up early, and made french toast for Janie, her sister, and her sister's boyfriend. Later that afternoon, made some homemade vanilla ice cream. Like for reals homemade. Then played some Rainbow Six Vegas with Tim and Jer. Did really well, until Jer and I got into a spat as to whether "breach" meant simply opening a door and clearing a room, or using a breaching charge. Much fun was had regardless. Finished the day playing WoW with Janie.

Why was this such a good weekend? Because I'm at work right now, and I don't even mind.

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