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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Last post about my stupid hip!

Ok, the blog is in a rut, and I'm sick of thinking about this. So here's a quick rundown and we'll leave it alone.

  • The "arthritis" seen in the MRI is standard degenerative wear and tear. It probably doesn't help that I'm 6'3" and spend too much of my day sitting at a desk with undoubtedly bad posture.
  • The Doctor thinks that, even though the MRI didn't show a pinched nerve, there is a bulged and possibly torn disc, which likely did impact the nerve at some point.
  • I had a bad pain attack Tuesday night, lasting for around 20 minutes. I didn't have another one until today around 2:30. So they do seem to be getting less frequent. But I'll probably go to see an anesthesiologist at some point to get further anti-inflammatory treatments, and possibly something for pain.
There. The end. No more whiny Scott.

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