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Monday, March 3, 2008

MRI time

Lying in a metal tube, listening to the magnets make more noise than you've ever heard magnets make before. Worrying about the fact that you forgot to tell the technician about the permanent retainer behind your teeth, or your wedding ring still on your finger. Four inches of clearance between your eyeballs and the top of the shell...

I'm not one to claim claustrophobia, but man, MRI's are almost made to bring it out in you regardless. After a week had gone by since my first talk with the doc, I went back and said that everything I told them on the first visit still held true, plus, I've now endured a week of it. So, off to the MRI, to hopefully figure out what happens next, plus some muscle relaxers to maybe let me get through a full night without having to jump out of bed two or three times when the nerve goes off.

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Unknown said...

That sucks! Keep us posted.

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