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Friday, March 28, 2008


J and I aren't necessarily big TV watchers. We have our shows, but I'm more interested in getting in game time than TV for the most part. We did get sucked into the resurgence of Doctor Who in 2005, and then into it's spinoff series Torchwood. Janie and I just finished the first season of Torchwood last night.

It's really a mixed bag. I really, really like the concept, a somewhat secret organization tasked to deal with increasing amounts of alien technology as mankind enters a new age. The ideas for the characters seems good, with some interesting flaws making them almost uncomfortably human. It just feels a little... off somehow. Like the acting is a bit too bombastic at times. The stories don't hang together quite as well as you'd want. The 'good guys' aren't as sympathetic as I'd prefer. But we couldn't stop watching it.

Anywho, I'll hopefully get season two going soon. And I'm already planning on a Captain Jack Harkness costume for Halloween this year.

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