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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The new cans

My new headphones came in today. Here's Audio-Technica's page on em. First, they sound better than any headphones I've used before, but understand that this isn't saying much. The best headphones I've ever owned were a pair of Shure e2c's, and while nice earbuds, it's hard to get the same kind of sound out of something like that. The cable on the new cans is incredible, thick and burly, with a spring on the connector end to help protect it from breakage, plus a coiled section to help prevent sudden jerks ruining your player's connector.

All that said, this is my one gripe. They don't go all the way around your ears. When I researched them, they were listed as circumaural. My thought was this meant that they went around one's ears. These sit on cartilage, and no matter how good they sound, that's going to get old after a while. Jer's Sony's actually do fit around the ears, and so you basically don't even realize you're wearing headphones after a while. I'll give these some time to break in and see if I can live with em, but if it stays uncomfy, they're going back. As with the Shure's, if listening to music makes your ears hurt, I tend not to do it, and that sucks.


Unknown said...

Maybe you just have big ears.

Seriously, though, I have looked no further since I found that pillowy Sony set. They sound great, and you could fall asleep with them on.

Anonymous said...

Word on the Sornys, Aaron. I love my new pair.

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