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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Going swimming

So yesterday morning, way too early, I hauled myself out of bed, grabbed a few supplies, and drove to meet my friends AB and Jer to swim some laps at one of the local pools. After a few turns around the pool, I had to start taking breaks on each end, catching my breath before going back. So. I'm out of shape. But swimming was fun. We're going to try and go once a week, see how that goes, and I'm going to shoot for the goal of eventually being able to swim a mile. They used to do that at summer camp back when I was a scout, and the early mornings required for it always defeated me, though I felt sure at the time I could have made the swim. Now, I probably could as well, but it would take days with my floating on my back to accomplish.

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Unknown said...

Swimming is hard. Even people who are really in shape can't do it very well unless they've been practicing.

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