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Monday, August 11, 2008


It was a wonderful weekend, but I feel like crap this morning. Saw Pineapple Express with friends Friday night. Spent all day at Water World in Denver with my family on Saturday, then came home, got take out Five Guys, and vegged on the couch watching a bad Star Wars movie (in this case, Episode 3). Got up and made pancakes for breakfast Sunday, then proceeded to do nothing else of consequence for several hours, unless napping on the couch watching the Olympics counts. Went out for sushi with some friends that night, before ending the evening at my favorite martini bar, Elliot's. Which is why I feel awful this morning. I love Tobin, the best bartender in the world, but man, next week, I'm sticking with the diet soda.

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Batty said...

Stop posting stuff like this. I'm already going through a severe bout of homesickness.

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