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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What an extrordinarily horrible day

My boss's boss's boss, and the project architect, are both visiting my offices at the moment. Yesterday, we had a big pep rally sort of meeting to plan out what comes next, all building on the success of part one of the project.

Then we discover that a bug we thought quashed had cropped up again. And we had to shut down the parts of the project that were live while we worked on a solution.

I'm the only QA person in the organization. It's on me that this issue got through, and it wouldn't be so bad if this had happened once. But we've turned this part on and off like four times now because of bugs I didn't catch.

All while my boss's boss's boss was watching.

I'm really starting to question my ability to do this job.

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Batty said...

That sucks. A lot.

Nothing like public embarrassment to make you wonder how the hell you got to this place anyway. I have some similar testing stories...

Nothing to say about it. It just sucks when it happens. But it happens to everyone, I think.

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