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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back from Santa Fe

Got back Sunday night from another Halloween with the Ferbers. Had an amazing time. Highlights included Tim and Jeryn as The Man in the Yellow Hat and George, Curious. Sherri had an spot on Starbuck costume from BSG. AB pulled his usual trick of going to the grocery store and finding a child costume to wear. This year, he went as Hannah Montana. Because of the scruffy beard, we dubbed him Hannah's stunt double. There were wings aplenty with Nina as goth fairy, and Bex as naughty librarian fairy? Both were excellent. There was definitely a fall motif, with at least three fall themed costumes, including Janie's aspen tree.

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering, being badgered into DS Mario Kart matches with Vincent, and relaxing with friends. I wish Halloween happened more frequently. Only time it's socially acceptable to dress like my sci-fi heroes.

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