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Monday, January 26, 2009

Mortal Kombat is back!

A big thanks to my old co-worker Dave, arcade collector extraordinaire, for all of his help. Dave brought his trusty voltmeter over after work last Friday to help me troubleshoot my Mortal Kombat II cabinet, which had been extremely flaky of late. We had to remove some old and already torn shielding from around the JAMMA board and the power supply, but Dave confirmed that the power supply wasn't pushing 5 volts, only 4.8, and being that low made it susceptible to power fluctuations. Luckily, a lot of arcade power supplies are adjustable, presumably to make them better able to power multiple different boards, and so Dave was able to get it back up to a nice 5 volt signal. It's been running flawlessy ever since. Glee!

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Unknown said...

"Mortal Kombat"? Or chortle wombat???

Heh. That's my little joke.

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