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Thursday, January 8, 2009

On impending fatherhood

So. I'm around five months out from being a father. Already my life is different. And that's ok. But I find myself sneaking away for moments of selfishness while I still can. Playing Warcraft for a few minutes when I had just come down to the basement to change loads of clothes. Or jumping into Gears of War any time I'm home and J isn't. I do this not because I'm an asshole (sorry for the language mom), though I am to a certain extent. I do this because I know, as much as life has changed so far, it's going to be something completely different after the baby arrives. I'm ok with this. I will remain calm and carry on. But I'll miss the old life for a while.

By no means will all gaming end. And I can honestly say, one of the things I'm looking forward to most about being a parent is that someday I'll be able to sit down with my child and play games with them. But for the next several years, if you see me, and you love me, take my child and play with them for a while, and tell me to go play a game.

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