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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My crazy busy week

Aaron and Sonoko are visiting. Ambrose is visiting. My Prius is at the tire shop today getting a tire replaced, courtesy of the nail I found sticking out of it at breakfast Sunday. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for today at four, but I just cancelled it because I've now got a big site launch at work to get ready for. I've got to find time to go pick up the Prius, but then tomorrow it goes back, this time to a body shop to fix the damage where someone rear ended it in a parking lot. In the mean time, I'm driving my jeep around, but no matter how good I get at driving it, commuters don't appreciate waiting on a fifty year old vehicle to get up to speed. At least I'll have a rental once the Prius gets to the body shop.

All of this leaves me wanting a week that follows a more or less normal schedule again. Of course, I love having friends visit, and will take that any day over long absences. And the very idea of 'normal schedule' is laughable with a baby on the way.

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