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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On baby budgets

So last night, both before and after our birthing class, J and I went over her proposed budget for 2009. There are big changes afoot, partially due to the economy, but mainly due to the bundle of expenses due in June. As part of that, we're going to work on drastically reducing our eating out expenses.

My work's around a 20 minute drive from home, so running back for lunch isn't too easy. Up to now, I typically would walk/drive to someplace close by and pick up something for lunch. Meals averaged probably around $10. That's really not so great. So I'm going to start bringing in leftovers, and keeping sandwich fixings in the office fridge.

The only issue with leftovers is that you have to heat them up. Our office microwave sports a busted LCD, making it critical that you depress the 'clear' button before entering any times. It's a bit like the Predator's wrist-mounted bomb.

We'll see how it goes. I do think it's likely that I'll slip up on Tuesday's at least. Local favorite Big City Burrito has a potato burrito special for $3.50 with a drink. How can I say no?


Batty said...

No offense, but I have been wondering about your "eating out" budget for, like, years. Janie's right; you guys could save tons of money right there.

Also, bringing your lunch to work is awesome, because you don't end up overeating and you can keep it healthy, not to mention virtually free. I can make a ham and cheese sandwich and an apple in a little over 5 minutes, and the sandwich is always the way I like it (because I made it), and the apple is always the kind I like (because I bought a bag of them).

I think you'll come to like it. Whenever my friends at work queue up somewhere for lunch I'm like, "why are you doing that?" I'm already done having a leisurely lunch and I'm just kinda hanging out before they even get theirs.

I'm in favor of eating lunch in!

Anonymous said...

Yep. While it's not feasible for you, going home as often as possible is a hug win for me. My monthly eating out budget is $150 and I can generally stick to it by making sandwiches for lunch.

It's important to make TASTY lunch foods. Boring turkey day in and out will only make you hate sandwiches. Take the time to slice a tomato and some lettuce. It makes all the difference. Maybe some occasional avocado. I've started making quacamole weekly. I make a small container of it and put it on sandwiches, tortillas, etc. It'll stay fresh a lot longer than the actual fruit will.

Good luck! It's a tough adjustment but your waist and pocket will thank you.

Unknown said...

Yeah, what Jer said. Make a crappy lunch and you'll hate it. Make something special for yourself and you'll look forward to it. It's a present to yourself.

If Janie is doing it too, switch off (unless, I guess, it works out that someone always has to leave first). I've found it's a lot more fun making the lunch for someone else.

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