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Friday, March 6, 2009


I admit it. I didn't read it until last month. I'm not a very good geek. Despite having friends into comic books when I was growing up, I never really got into them. You knew the big ones of course, but I knew Spiderman and Batman from their tv shows, not from their comic books. So it's really no surprise that Watchmen slipped past my radar. In the time frame it came out in, I was far too busy helping Mario save the Princess.

In any case, I've now rectified my mistake, mainly on the strength of the first trailer I saw for the movie. Books have inspired many a theatrical take, and if it looks like something I'd enjoy, I always try to read the original first. I actually read the entirety of the Lord of the Rings to my wife before letting her see the films. So I borrowed a copy from a friend and devoured it.

We're going to see it at an IMAX theater, which means an hour drive to get there, in traffic right after work. Not looking forward to that part. But to the movie itself? Very much so.

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