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Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, that was fun...

My company just announced an across the board reduction in summer work hours, with a corresponding pay cut. In theory, we get full pay again starting next year. But I'll believe that if it actually happens, and if I'm still employed here come January 1st.

At least there weren't more layoffs to go with this announcement. The idea is that by everyone taking a pay cut (and hey, at least they're giving us some days off to go with it), that more layoffs won't be needed. Once again, we'll see.

It's just interesting times. Janie and I have been doing backflips to ensure that we could be ok on my salary alone if needed, so that when the baby arrives and J takes some unpaid time off to extend her maternity leave, we'd know we could get by. Now that just means we'll be stretched that much thinner. I'm not sure how yet, but I believe we'll be ok.

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Batty said...

That sucks, but at least you're still employed. And the time off is nice.

What a mess the world is these days.

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