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Monday, May 4, 2009

The baby shower...

So last Saturday was J's baby shower, and we had folks make the trek from all over Colorado to see a very pregnant Janie. My sister Tara took on the lion's share of the organization, hosting the party at the bed and breakfast she works at, and providing the snacks. Unfortunately, I was sick during the shower, and avoided the food table to keep from spreading whatever I've got to others, so I can't comment on the tastiness, though I'm assured it was quite tasty. I don't have any pictures yet, though I'll hopefully post some eventually, our camera stayed in the car, so I'll have to steal someone else's work there. I can safely say it was the best baby shower I've even attended, as there were no games involving guessing baby food flavors or others of that ilk. I've always felt that that's a very strange way to treat the guests who've traveled to bring you gifts. Instead, it was lots of family and friends celebrating our almost here daughter, and that was the best gift of all.

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