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Friday, June 26, 2009

On our own

Janie's parents left for their return trip a little while ago. It's
been a busy morning. Georgia made breakfast, Janie made blueberry
scones, and Janie's dad and I cleaned up the garage to make room for
the old deep freeze I bought from my sister. Now, Violette is passed
out on me, Janie is passed out next to me, and I'm watching tv and
listening to yet another thunderstorm roll by. I am so rediculously


Tara said...

I love you--but you spelled that wrog! (wrong :) )

Unknown said...

it's good to be 'on one's own'. Don't get me wrong, the parental (grandparental) help is nice, but there is something wonderful about figuring it out as two new parents.

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