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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scott's recipe for an awesome Saturday afternoon.

I let Janie have a sip.


Unknown said...

1) I'm glad you are enjoying it! It's the best in the summer.

2) I can't believe it lasted that long.

3) I am sure Kirin could sell that in the US. However, if they did, I don't think we yuppies would drink it, since it isn't hand-crafted by bearded artisans who listen to Dave Matthews Band. The Japanese angle makes it hip, though, so we can enjoy them without losing cred.

4) It has a ton of calories, between the booze and the sugar. I'd do what some people here do and buy a case and have chu-hi on hand instead of beer, but I tend to just blow through chu-hi and then my middle gets noticeably bigger until it runs out. It's really just alcoholic soda pop.

I wish I were drinking one right now... Having a corner booze vending machine less than a block away is really a test of one's self-control.

Sunny said...

My comment on the Kirin - YUM!

My comment beyond that.....
I love this blog. Makes me chuckle at something everytime I read it. I've gotten in the habit of a once a day log on for the daily Ledetism & baby pic.

Makes my day!

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