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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So I was only mostly joking about the bed...

Hospitals are not restful places. The patient is constantly being
poked and prodded, and their loved ones are left to contend with some
truly uncomfortable furniture. I know, poor me. But J and I maybe
shared a couple hours of sleep in the last two days. And it's not like
that will get better after the baby arrives. Despite the fact that the
ability to nap is likely to prove an invaluable survival skill in the
coming days, I think I'm giving up for now.

No updates to report. J has rested fitfully for the last several
hours. Rose has been amazing, monitoring Janie and the baby's stats,
while studying for med school boards. Contractions continue. One
assumes progress, but there's no metrics to collect without someone
poking J some more.

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