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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And I also fixed the Prius

No pictures, because it was dark, and I was frustrated, but I modified the Prius to use a Mazda Miata 12 volt battery. It was not easy. I'm fairly certain that the Toyota factory that makes these things starts with the 12 volt battery and builds the rest of the car around it. I had to run to the store twice, first for vice grips, and then looking to replace a lock washer I dropped and lost. Much thanks to John, my sister-in-law's beau, for helping me with parts of it. But once it was all back together, the Prius fired up first time, all of the electrical gremlins that had been plaguing it forgotten. Of course, since I didn't have a spare 12 volt power source to plug it into while I was doing the swap, it also forgot that I had disabled the annoying 'beep at the driver when in reverse' thing. I mean, I would be ok if it played a sound on backing up externally, it's a quiet car and all. But beeping at me doesn't seem to do much but grate on my nerves. Maybe backing up is considered rude in Japan.

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