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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eye on the ball

We put Vi in these cute jammies some friends gifted to us and I was
playing with her when Scott said something so funny I almost peed my

Janie: "Mommy's going to get you! Keep your eye on the ball!"
Scott: "That never works!"
Janie: " lol! You're right, it never worked for me either."
Scott: "What good does it do if you can't hit it? Had my eye on it
and watched as it zoomed past me..."

Sorry Vi, with our genes, I don't think you're destined to be a
professional athlete.

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Unknown said...

That is exactly what has always bugged me about that advice. I can't hit it because I can't hit it, not because I can't see it. I'm not blind; just uncoordinated.

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