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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So I found this on thinkgeek the other day. It's a small resizeable bracelet with a bluetooth connection. Get a call while it's synced to your phone, and the bracelet lets you know you've got an incoming call. I find this to be absolutely fantastic, but my friends reactions have ranged from 'it's ok' to 'ick, what the heck is that?'. One friend mentioned that as he has to go out in public, he has to follow certain social norms. My problem is, people wear bracelets like this all the time! But instead of the bracelet simply asking me what Jesus might do in a given situation, this one gives me some quick data about my world.

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Unknown said...

The more I think about, Scott, the more I think it's cool. It's actually quite stylish looking (be sure to wear it tight!), and no one really need know what the light is for. Keep its function subtle, and I think you'll be ok.

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