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Thursday, March 29, 2007

take your next left, then swim across the atlantic...

Now there's some driving directions! Found this on Boing Boing, a little blog run by, amongst others, Cory Doctorow. Good stuff.

Twenty minutes a day...

So a friend of mine, who's unquestionably in better shape than I am, has been espousing the idea that ones overall fitness can be improved with a relatively minor outlay of effort. Just do some sort of physical activity, for a minimum of twenty minutes, every single day. The every single day part is where I usually get tripped up. Despite having very few excuses (I've got an elliptical trainer in the basement), events seem to conspire against me. It's difficult to make the time on busy days when you go straight from work to meetings, to hanging out with friends, to dinner, to drinks, and when you get home, your wife just wants to stumble to bed, not wait up for you to go workout. But all the same, staying healthy seems like a pretty good idea, so rather than let myself wallow in my own crapulence, I've been trying to follow this little regimen. So far, I've gone about ten days. Not too shabby. Of course, my friend's got me beat by a ways. Check out his post on it here.

Monday, March 26, 2007

New Cozumel photo set up on flickr

I've been in the process of moving from my old idea of hosting all my own content on my own box on my own connection, to the idea of letting others do the heavy lifting for me. As part of this, I've been moving my old photo albums over to flickr, with the latest being a trip to Cozumel Janie and I took with her family several years ago. So if you have any interest, head over and check em out. They're in the group in reverse order, because flickr's uploadr tool always seems to do it that way and I'm too lazy to sort them out. Strangely enough, if you google my name, one of the only hits that's actually me and not some google twin is from an ancient message board asking about hotels in Cozumel. Be careful boys and girls, what happens on the internet, stays on the internet, for all to see, forever.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any pictures of myself in the flickr set without a shirt.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm twenty years old!

Well, according to Wii Sports, anyways. Had to get my workout in for the day, and AB was borrowing the elliptical trainer, so I beat a best of five match in tennis with my right handed Pro Mii, Solar, my left handed non-Pro Mii, Flexo, and then won five consecutive decisions in boxing. Then I took on the Wii Training to see how I was doing age wise. Now if only I actually felt like I was 20, instead of a sweaty 30 year old. I'm virtually fit.

Friday, March 23, 2007

It's alive! The creation of the FrankenPod.

What do you do when you've got two iPod's, one with a bum battery, and one with a bum hard drive? Muahahahahah! Muahahahahah! BTW, the tools I spent $15 on from ipodmods were completely useless. Invest in a good wife who's handy with nail files instead.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, my morning's about half over, which means that all of my requisite email reading and web site checking is done. As part of that ritual, I've checked all of my favorite webcomics, so the world is at peace for one more day. Here's a quick rundown of comics you should be reading if you aren't already. Penny Arcade is crude, short, and to the point. It also makes me assume that the authors are either stalking me or are my long lost kin. Nothing else could explain how we seem to share the same sense of what's funny. Megatokyo details the life and adventures of two gamers who find themselves stuck in a futuristic Japan. I suppose even normal, every day Japan has a reputation for being futuristic, but suffice to say, this Japan is futuristic++. More on the soap opera side than the funny side, as are these next two. Dominic Deegan is a fantasy themed comic, dealing with the adventures of Dominic the oracle, and the inevitable trouble that being prescient brings. Finally, Questionable Content deals with a bunch of twentysomethings and their interpersonal relationships. That description really doesn't do it justice. Read it, if for no other reason than the change in the art from the early comics to the present is just so damn impressive.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I want this!

Lucky for me, my friend AB serves as my fashion conscience, and I'm sure he'll sound off with a resounding 'No, bad Scotty!' Anywho, this is the current object of my technolust. I don't really need it, I already wear a scott e vest on a daily basis. But the Thinkgeek ad sold me on the holster by interesting the Han Solo/Malcolm Reynolds in me...

Musical rantings

My iPod died the other day. For most, this would be a time of mourning, followed soon thereafter by fevered clicking on the apple store's website to pick a successor. Not so for me. In addition to being smarter and prettier than I am, Janie is also more frugal. So I'm working on taking both of our iPods (mine's battery is gone, Janie's hard drive is borked), and combining them into a single, unholy FrankenPod! I'll post about it once it's happened. But that's not what this post is about. Since I've been without my music, I've been forced to search for other alternatives. I tried Yahoo's launch cast service, but soon became annoyed by their reliance upon IE (couldn't get Firefox to work with it), and their lack of choices. So I tried another service I had heard about but hadn't messed with much, Pandora. Pandora is interesting in that, instead of choosing from a list of radio stations, you create your own, by telling Pandora about the music that you like. It's dead simple. You tell Pandora that you like, say, Muse, or Ladytron, and Pandora says 'Great, here's some music by these folks you like, and here's some that we think you'll like, since they share some traits!' The whole thing is part of the music genome project, which attempts to classify music down to it's bare essentials, and that idea powers the suggestions you get. It's allowed me to find some music that I hadn't heard before that I enjoy quite a bit. If you build a station you like, share it with friends, learn about their musical tastes and predilections. Try this link to listen to Scotty Radio.

And now, the obligatory 'who am I?' post...

Right, so, I'm Scott. Hi. As the name of the blog implies, I'm in love with someone named Janie. I may or may not get around to posting pictures of me or this Janie person, you'll just have to wait and hope. I'm a software engineer working in northern Colorado atm, not working too hard obviously or I wouldn't have time to post to this blog. As I type, I'm also running tests, so I'm not slacking too hard. Here's a couple of links to some of my friends sites.

AB's website

AB's a web developer, and as such rolls his own site, and doesn't stoop to the lazy, easy way of just using blogger. I actually credit him with creating blogs, although the jury's still out. His feedback hole was the first time I'd ever seen community driven content on the web.

Brose's website

Brose is a graphic design person, web dev, theater dork. He and his family hail from far distant Santa Fe, and so we hang out mainly via the forums on his site and in our weekly Warcraft gaming.

That's it for now. I'll be back when I think of something I think is interesting.

Oh good lord, not another blog...

Hey internets. My name is Scott Ledet, and you don't care about that or me, which is fine, cause this isn't for you. Oh sure, you can read it, post comments if you want to, that sort of thing, but this is mainly just a journal for me. I'm 30 years old now, memory's not what it used to be. Perhaps when I'm completely senile, in about five years or so, I'll be able to read through these posts to recall what I'd been up to.

Have you read my blog?