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Monday, April 21, 2008

Next year in Jerusalem!

What a great weekend. Our friends Brose and Bex invited us to Santa Fe to share the Passover Seder with them, and to meet their newest child Chloe. We drove down Friday, taking a half day off at work to get down there in time for supper, which was at Diego's, a local favorite. Played a bit of Rainbow 6 with Brose before we crashed late.

Saturday was spent primarily in preparation for the Seder. Brose and Bex wanted everyone to be involved, even us gentiles, so we ran off copies of a script describing the various cups that must be drained throughout the ceremony.

This sort of thing is really interesting to me. I'm not overly religious (sorry mom and dad!), but I also don't think religion is a bad thing. It can provide people with a much needed baseline to compare their moral compass against. And most religions do a pretty good job of setting that compass to a heading that works in the real world. Not all, but most.

In any case, the Seder was great, the food and company was wonderful, and I was introduced to a wonderful version of the Hillel sandwich. We stayed up until two playing games and laughing enough to keep up those who had proceeded us to bed.

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